May goals


Hey bookish fam,

I ALMOST completed all my April goals (see my monthly wrap-up) but a few books had to be moved to my May list. There was too much “unscheduled” reading in April 😉

Spill-over from past months

I am almost done with  Watchmen. I honestly don’t know why it is taking me so long. I believe it might be because the illustrations are so rich, I actually spend a lot of time on each page. That tires me out and so I end up just reading one chapter here and there. I didn’t even get to start Jane Eyre because I got bogged down with finishing Wuthering Heights and added several mood-reads in April. Thus I decided to commit to a buddy read of this book for the first week of May instead.

May list


As we all know, I adore Stephen King, so naturally, I have two of his books on this list. The Dark Tower series is a must-read for me and I am looking forward to the second book in the series, The Drawing of the Three. I often listen to Pam Grossman’s podcast, so when I found out she is writing a book, I just had to have the ARC. By sheer luck or universe intervention, I got it and so this month will be full of Waking the WitchThe Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle and Doctor Sleep are both buddy reads. I live for book discussions! Naturally Tan is another ARC. I love, love, love Tanny Banny Fofanny (what Antoni calls him) and I cannot believe I was approved to review his book! I bought American Gods as soon as it came out in graphic novel format. I am going to finally read it this month.

May has a much more varied genre selection and several shorter books. Jane Eyre is another long one that I need to catch up on and I didn’t want to feel too much pressure with more tomes. Also, I do prefer mood-reading and want to make sure I have plenty of opportunity for that. What are you pledging to tackle this month? Leave me a comment. Let’s work on those commitments together. 🙂

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