April Goals

Hey bookish fam,

I have some making up to do for March, see my monthly wrap-up for why. Thus, I’ll be pledging more than 6 books for April.

Spill-over from February and March

I am almost done with both The Dark Game (and ARC) and Watchmen, but I have still sooooooo much left of The Stand. I am hoping to use the Dewey pre-readathon challenges to make substantial progress with the latter and for sure finish the two former.

April list

My King of Scars library copy expires soon, so I really need to get to it ASAP.  I probably start on that this evening. I am reading The Haunting of Hill House for Spring into Horror, and Anne of Green Gables as well as Sorry I Wrote So Many Sad Poems Today for Dewey’s 24-hr readathon. Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights have been on my list for way too long and I really want to finish both this month. At the moment, I don’t have any ARCs due in May, so I can fully focus on my TBR.

Well, I have my work cut out in April. What are you pledging to tackle this month? Leave me a comment. Let’s work on those commitments together. 🙂


March goals

Hey bookish fam,

I think my February goal setting paid off, and thus I will continue this little promise series at the beginning of each month. Indeed, I was able to read each of the 6 books I had committed to (plus some more, see my monthly wrap-up) as it kept me motivated since I made such a public vow. So without further ado, here are my goals for March.


I have several buddy/group reads planned this month: The Stand, Pet Sematary,  and Legion. In fact, since this post is a tad late, I have already started Legion and will probably start The Stand or Pet Sematary tonight (my library copy expires by mid-March). I own a copy of The Stand but with a whopping ~1450 pages, I will need all month to finish it. I am super pumped to read  Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. I bought these books a while ago and with the upcoming movie, I need to read them soon. Little Darlings and The Dark Game are both ARCs that I’d like to review by the end of March. Looks like the theme this month again is “let’s see how scared I can get”. I love it!

6 books worked for February so I am keeping this number for March. What are you pledging to tackle this month? Leave me a comment. Let’s work on those commitments together. 🙂

February Goals

Ok y’all! In an effort to be more transparent and also force myself to some accountability, I am joining a little game of “what shall I commit to reading this month” or “how I learned to prioritize”. I’ve said on numerous occasions that I am a total mood reader, so monthly TBRs literally (I am using this ironically here because I of course mean figuratively, but I am talking about literature, so why not) scared the bejeezus out of me. For anyone wondering what a bejeezus is (for me), I’d say it’s a cross between Beetlejuice and my high school lunch lady – both frightening but widely misunderstood. Anyway, without further ado, here are my must-reads for February.


The Exorcist and Let The Right One In have been on my TBR for way (pause) too (pause) damn (pause) long and they are part of my 2019 goal to reduce my backlog. Both are buddy or group reads that actually start today. I can’t wait to begin either one (or both) later this evening. My book club decided to have our monthly prompt be “the shortest book on our TBR” as an homage to February being the shortest month of the year. In Conclusion, Don’t Worry is my pick. I adore Lauren Graham and have read all her other books. I am hoping my library copy of Ruin and Rising will come through soon as I AM DYING to finish this trilogy and find out what happens to The Darkling, Nikolei, Alina and Mal! On The Come Up is my BOTM selection for this month and I am trying to read the book during the month I actually receive it (tell that to my physical bookshelf backlog -_-). I made fantastic progress with my ARCs in January, so I am actually ahead of schedule on that front (she says that as she hovers over the “request” button on NetGalley), and Will Haunt You is my last book I need to review this month.

6 books seem like a manageable commitment even for a mood-reader and picky twat like myself. I should have plenty of time left to pick my other February reads on a whim. What are you pledging to tackle this month? Leave me a comment. Let’s work on those commitments together. 🙂

Top Ten Tuesday – Ten Most Recent Additions to My TBR


It’s TTT time! As usual, if you’re curious about this, Jana over at That Artsy Reader Girl hosts these weekly challenges (so, see her blog for more info). Today, I am going to list my ten most recent additions to my TBR. I usually write these posts far in advance and schedule their release but since I constantly add to my TBR, I am not able to do this for today. So, as of Jan 28 4pm, below, you will find my most up-to-date list (counting down to my latest TBR addition).


What are your latest need-to-read additions? Do you read, like I do, across many genres?

Top Ten Tuesday – Books I Meant to Read In 2018 but Didn’t Get To


It’s TTT time! As usual, if you’re curious about this, Jana over at That Artsy Reader Girl hosts these weekly challenges (so, see her blog for more info). Today I’ll be talking about books I meant to read in 2018 but didn’t get to. And, pfffff, there are so many! I am not even going to look at my Goodreads TBR for this. I am just looking through my must-read 2019 list which I quickly compiled at the beginning of the year. As you can imagine many of those books were directly transferred from my must-read 2018 list. I get distracted by shiny, newly released books :p










HANNIBAL LECTER SERIES – at least one book







What are your 2019 must-reads?

Top Ten Tuesday – Most Anticipated Releases for the First Half of 2019


New year, the same fun TTT time! As usual, if you’re curious about this, Jana over at That Artsy Reader Girl hosts these weekly challenges (so, see her blog for more info). Today’s theme is about my most anticipated January through June 2019 releases. I compiled my list by looking through the monthly Goodreads lists and seeing which one I had already marked as tbr. I also checked on series I knew should be coming to an end/should continue and authors whose ARCs I reviewed previously.


I’ve been feverishly waiting for book three to come out in the Winternight Trilogy. I had the pleasure to receive ARCs for the first two and thus it has been excruciatingly long for me. I’m also a fan of journaling and a little magick, so a 365-day magical journey sounds right up my alley.



The Winter Witch (Winternight Trilogy #3) by Katherine Arden

The Severed Moon by Leigh Bargudgo (a magical journal with prompts!)


Once in a while, I love me a good psychological thriller. The Silent Patient seems to fit that bill perfectly. I like the idea of diving into the psyche of a murderer. I’ve always loved the story of Anastasia, so I’m looking forward to this novel inspired by it. I reviewed the first book in the Wild Magic Trilogy and it was a rather dark middle-grade book. I don’t come across those often, so I’m curious about the second one.



The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides

I was Anastasia by Ariel Lawhon

The Little Grey Girl (Wild Magic Trilogy #2) by Celine Kiernan


I devoured the Shades of Magic trilogy so seeing this story continue in graphic novel form is definitely a must for me.


Shades of Magic, Vol 1 (Shades of Magic Universe, graphic novel series) by V.E. Schwab


I reviewed the first book of The Inventors series and enjoyed the steampunk aspects. I also loved how the author incorporated actual historical scientists. Middle-grade literature needs more of that. I’ve heard some buzz about The Greystone Secrets and thus want to check out the first book in the series.



The Inventors and the Lost Island (The Inventors #2) by A.M. Morgen

The Strangers (The Greystone Secrets #1) by Margaret Peterson Haddix


I have yet to read any of the Caraval books but probably will wait now until the third one is out so I can binge all three. I only recently discovered Katherine Applegate and immediately fell in love with her books so I definitely want to read more of them.



Finale (Caraval #3) by Stephanie Garber

The First (Endling #2) by Katherine Applegate


Whomp, whomp. I have no books marked (yet) for that month.

There are also a few books I want to be released ASAP but their actual dates for 2019 haven’t been announced, yet.


Guardians of Dawn (Guardians of Dawn #1) by S. Jae-Jones

The War of the Givens (Silvers #3) by Daniel Price

Untitled (Six of Crows #3) by Leigh Bardugo

Glass Town by Isabel Greenberg

What books are you looking forward to this year?

Top Ten Tuesday – 2019 reading goals


It’s TTT time! As usual, if you’re curious about this, Jana over at That Artsy Reader Girl hosts these weekly challenges (so, see her blog for more info). Today’s theme is actually about favorite books read in 2018, but since I just did that post, I decided to officially state my 2018 reading goals for 2019 on this TTT.


My goal for 2019 is to read 100 books. That includes audiobooks, ARCS, library books, and my own copies. Of those 100,

25 must be shopped from my own shelf (ARCS not included),

10 must be from the 1001 book list,

10 must be audiobooks,

5 must be read in German

15 must be for review through NetGalley or similar


1 must be read out loud (children’s books not included).

 I am also planning to read 12 books with my book club (one per month) and to maintain a written reading journal in which I note down thoughts and impressions as well as favorite quotes. Of course, I’ll be participating in various readathons throughout the year. I am “softly” participating in the Popsugar reading challenge meaning at the moment I am not fulfilling categories on purpose but will see if books I choose fit into one.

Top Ten Tuesday – Winter 2018 TBR


It’s TTT time! As usual, if you’re curious about this, Jana over at That Artsy Reader Girl hosts these weekly challenges (so, see her blog for more info).

I am having a bit of trouble with deciding what a winter TBR should be. Should I be reading books that are best enjoyed in the winter? Is this simply my upcoming reading list for the next few months that officially fall into the winter season? What makes a book a winter read? What type of winter reader am I? The cozy kind? The spooky one? Should I attempt some tomes or focus on short reads? I think I need to take a deep breath!

First, I am going to start with the books I want to/need to finish before the end of the year. I have basically fulfilled all my goals of 2018 except for the Popsugar reading challenge where I have two outstanding categories.

  1. A book set in the decade you were born in 
  2. A book read by a stranger in public

I am about 65 % through Magician: Apprentice which fits category 2 and I have several options for category 1: Let The Right One In, Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe, and Tell the Wolves I’m Home. I will see which mood strikes for this. Any suggestions?

Second, I also have a few books I’d like to get to soon. I have one ARC overdue (Salt) and one due on 1/1/19 (Even If I Fall). I saved One Day in December to be my Christmas Eve read. Fingers crossed I get to it.

Third, I am not going to repeat the books I have on my list for my last two readathons of 2018. I will be traveling for Christmas and I just don’t want to decide ahead of time what I’ll read. My desire to mood read is strongest on vacations! There will be a separate post to come detailing those books that were read for the readathons.


So, for today’s TTT, I think I will just talk about my 


These are organized by mood. I have basically two winter modes. I want to be scared and feel trapped/ creepily snowed-in or I want to swoon and get my heart aflutter. They are of course not mutually exclusive but I tried to categorize my list into one or the other group. It also just so happens that I own all these books, which works great toward my goal to read 25 books from my shelf in 2019.


For the spooky or suspenseful mood:


  • The Stand. If you follow my blog you will have seen The Stand mentioned multiple times over the last few months. I really wanted to read it this year but just didn’t get to it. It definitely will be a priority for 2019.
  • The Haunting of Hill House. I watched the Netflix series and loved it. While I realize the series was only loosely based on the book, I still want to read it while the show is fresh in my mind. Plus it’s a horror classic and I already should’ve read it.
  • The Hannibal Lecter series. I’ve had those books on my shelf for way too long. The Silence of the Lambs is my all-time favorite movie, and I can’t fathom, that I haven’t read the book.
  • The Drawing of the Three. I have been neglecting The Dark Tower series for much too long. I need to pick it back up.
  • Dream Country. I tend to reserve The Sandman graphic novels for Dewey’s readathons but I didn’t get to this one in October and I am dying to read on.


For the magical and swoony mood:


  • The Winter of the Witch. The Winternight series is so darn good. I loved book two and I cannot wait to get this one in the mail. It is pre-ordered and will be devoured as soon as it arrives.
  • Winter in Paradise. This is gonna be a fluff read I think. But I kinda love those on a cozy Sunday afternoon. Plus, winter in warm weather will be a nice change.
  • The Stranger in The Woods. The account of a thief terrorizing rural Maine probably falls more into the creepy category, but since it takes place in Maine, and I love Maine, there will be a lot of swooning anyway.
  • HP and the Half-Blood Prince. I am basically rereading the Harry Potter series at any given time. Book #6 is up, and it just so happens to be my favorite. I am really looking forward to reading this again.
  • Neverwhere. My very first and still all-time favorite Neil Gaiman book. A while ago I bought a signed copy, and I think it’s time that I read that one.


What is your winter TBR? Leave it in the comments or link to your post. I am looking forward to adding more books to my list 😉


Top Ten Tuesday – 10 horror books I can’t believe I haven’t read


It’s TTT time! Today’s prompt made me go through my Goodreads TBR. I decided to look at books I’ve added a very long time ago that fall within horror and gothic literature. As usual, Jana over at That Artsy Reader Girl hosts these weekly challenges (so, see her blog for more info). So, without much further ado, here is my list of books that have been on my TBR for wayyyyyyy too long.


Horror books I am almost too embarrassed to admit I haven’t read



The Call of Cthulu

by H.P. Lovecraft


The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

by Washington Irving


The Haunting of Hill House

by Shirley Jackson


The Stand

by Stephen King


Rosemary’s Baby

by Ira Levin


The Exorcist

by William Peter Blatty



by Daphne du Maurier


House of Leaves

by Marc Z. Danielewski


My Best Friend’s Exorcism

by Grady Hendrix


Let The Right One In

by John Ajvide Lindqvist


My goal after writing this post is to read Let The Right One In soon as it actually fulfills one of my Popsugar reading challenges. In fact, I already requested it from the library. I also have House of Leaves, The Haunting of Hill House, and The Stand on my bookshelf. as well as The Exorcist on my Kindle. So those should obviously be next. The Stand could also be used for the Popsugar challenge but is a very long book and I may not be able to finish this on time. Which of these would you recommend I should pick up soon?


What is on your backlist?

Top Ten Tuesday – Books I’d Slay a Lion to Get Early


I am going to give this Top Ten Tuesday fun a try. Jana over at That Artsy Reader Girl hosts these weekly challenges (so, see her blog for more info).

  1. Anything Stephen King but specifically his latest book The Outsider coming out this month! I pre-ordered that sucker ages ago and I can’t wait to get my grubby hands on it.
  2. Neil Gaiman can do no wrong! So whenever he finishes another book, I will slay that lion to get it early. On his personal blog, he talks about that one day he’ll write a sequel to Neverwhere and may call it The Seven Sisters. When that day comes, I cannot even imagine what I would sell to get that book early. Neverwhere remains my all-time-favorite of his.
  3. Isabel Greenberg. I loved both her graphic novels but The One Hundred Nights of Hero holds a special place in my heart. I cannot wait for her next book – I hope she is working on it.
  4. Katherine Arden‘s Winternight trilogy has got me all kinds of swoony. I actually was able to read the first two books as ARCs and so I am really hoping I get to do the same with The Winter of the Witch. The second book just blew me away and I am itching to read on. August 14th is the expected publication date but I really hope I don’t have to wait that long.
  5. I freaking loved S. Jae-JonesWintersong books. She’s slated to come out with an entire series based on Sailor Moon. How can that not be golden?!?! I so would love to read that first book early.
  6. The Night Circus was this magical story that took me through my first Dewey’s readathon and I’ve been keeping an eye out for any new work by Erin Morgenstern. Apparently, she is working on a new novel entitled The Owl King and although I have literally no clue what it’s about I am going to read the heck out of it ASAP.
  7. I love me a good graphic novel and I especially love if it’s a spooky one or themed around spooky things. Earlier this year, I finally read My Favorite Thing Is Monsters by Emil Ferris. Gosh, I don’t even know how to describe how special that one is. The pages are busy with illustrations. There are so many speech bubbles. Monsters everywhere, of course. It’s purposely done to look like someone’s notebook and it really feels like you, the reader, is getting a glimpse into someone’s private thoughts and ideas. Volume 2 of this graphic novel is scheduled for mid-August, but man, oh, man, what I would give to see that early!
  8. Ann Patchett is just a lovely person. I’ve been able to interact with her on a few occasions and ever since I read Bel Canto, I am a fan of her writings. Throughout the years, I’ve loved some of her books and found a few others just ok. But, I would read any book of hers early had I the chance!
  9. I recently reviewed A.M. Morgen‘s debut novel The Inventors of No. 8 and let me tell you that woman has got it going on. The world needs more relatable novels about women in STEM disciplines or really just stories with strong female characters. I’ll tell ya as soon as she working on a second book, I will be requesting the heck out of it through NetGalley.
  10. Nora Roberts has been a guilty pleasure of mine since my teens. I ferociously read her romance novels and wouldn’t even know what to do with myself could I get my hands on one early.

What books are you looking forward to? Do you have any holy grails?