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Who am I?


Neuroscientist. A glutton for books. Dog lover. Avid knitter. Bitchface.

Hi, I’m Juli and this is probably the most accurate description of me, a German wench living in the US. I don’t think I could summarize it any better. I’ll be adding to it if I can think of anything else but, you know, don’t hold your breath.

Besides here on this blog, you can also find me chatting about and reviewing books on Goodreads and on Twitter.

If you are an author or publishing company looking for reviews, please contact me directly via email at


What is ‘ich lese’?

Write every day, they say!

Hone your skill, they advise.

Be yourself. Be honest. Be smart. Be kind.

I hope this blog is all this, and more.

What worked for my Ph.D. dissertation, surely should work here! This blog is meant to be a more creative, and less scientific, writing outlet. I honestly can’t tell you what exactly it will be but I know it will be as unpredictable and wild as I am. Maybe I’ll only blog about books. Maybe I’ll throw in some words of wisdom here and there. Or maybe, … I’ll just ramble on about my day and how I hate going grocery shopping on Saturdays.

Of course, my main idea is to make this blog about my literary meanderings. I am a ferocious reader and I find myself getting more and more analytical with what I read. My goal is to critically talk about my thoughts. I do hope we can get in lots of discussions and I certainly cannot wait to get your book recommendations. So, let’s get this reading party started.

Disclaimer: This blog solely represents my views and opinions and is in no way meant to advocate for something or dismiss something else.