What is ‘ich lese’?



Write every day, they say! Hone your skill, they advise. Be yourself. Be honest. Be smart. Be kind. I hope this blog is all this, and more.

What worked for my Ph.D. dissertation, surely should work here!

This blog is meant to be a more creative, and less scientific, writing outlet. I honestly can’t tell you what exactly it is going to be. It will be as unpredictable and wild as I am. Maybe I’ll only blog about books. Maybe I’ll throw in some words of wisdom here and there. Or maybe, … I’ll just ramble on about my day and how I hate going grocery shopping on Saturdays.

Of course, my main idea at the moment is to make this blog about my literary meanderings. I am a ferocious reader and I find myself getting more and more analytical with what I read and my goal is to critically talk about my thoughts. I do hope we can get in lots of discussions and I certainly cannot wait to get your book recommendations. So, let’s get this reading party started.

Disclaimer: This blog solely represents my views and opinions and is in no way meant to advocate for something or put down something else.