In line with my obsession with Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s adventures, I decided to rate my books in spades. I know the Queen of Hearts is most important, I mean she is the queen after all, but I don’t like hearts all that much, so spades it is. All her little soldiers were suits of spade anyway, so let’s just see my ratings as little soldiers of literary excellence.

More spades means better, in case you’re wondering. And I am reserving ♠♠♠♠♠ ratings for books that just blew my mind in some form or another. With that said, these are not automatically on my all time favorite list. That list is reserved for books that blow my mind on the regular and that I would pick up and read for the 1000th time without getting the least bit bored. For anyone that knows me, this means those books would receive 6 spades – something that is not easily achieved.