This is straight-up a swoon post! And a welcome post!


Hello! If you’ve been following my blog for a while or if you’re new to my musings, welcome to this post o’swoon!

Dewey’s is upon us and I had signed up to do one of the warm-up posts. Well, it came out today. I feel so honored to have been able to write such a thing, and even more honored that it was not immediately discarded as rubbish 😉 ….

I had so much fun writing it. It came from the heart. Books are truly my friends, ever since I can remember. It was difficult to stop myself at only 300 words. In fact, I had to ask one of my besties (yes, I have actual people-friends too) to give it a read and help me cut words ;). You should check out her sciency awesomeness of a blog.

When I discovered Dewey’s readathon, I was ecstatic – an entire 24 hours dedicated to books. I mean, yes, of course, I’ve read hours upon hours at a time in the past, but I had never before shared that with others. After spending my first 24 hours with other worshippers of the literary kind, my love for books was renewed, elevated, and strengthened. And so was my TBR! Since then, I’ve done a few 24hr readathons, 24in48 readathons, themed month long readathons, and FB group weekend readathons.

20171018_090041-1.jpgI am eagerly awaiting this Saturday. I’ve made some bullet journal spreads to track my reading progress (one example is to the left). I set up buddy reading opportunities with people-friends (the virtual kind). I created my snack list (well that one is ever growing). I just requested a few more graphic novels from my library to have as in-between-fat-novel reads. And I told everyone about this readathon and my fundraising efforts.

Naturally, I will post updates here on my blog and some on twitter (@evilbibliotaph).



How are you preparing? Are you a readathon rookie or a veteran? 

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